Shouts (2014 - to date)


Friday 24th November 2017

Valentia Coast Guard informed us at 07:29 with a request to check a report of a strong orange flashing light about a mile south of Dunworley Point. ALB Fredrick Storey Cockburn launched at 07:40 with a crew of 6, and proceeded to the area. While proceeding to the area the coastguard requested that the crew conduct a search of the area of the Seven heads 1 mile off shore heading in a westerly direction. The ALB arrived at search area at 07:58 and sighted a vessel in the position of the reported light. The lifeboat then made contact with the vessel "M J" who had an orange beacon on their mast. Acting Coxswain Kevin Young asked them to switch on the beacon so that the coastguard unit on the shore could confirm with the first informant that that was the position of the light he had seen. This turned out to be correct. The vessel had been hauling nets and was happy to continue and where not in any need of assistance. ALB informed Cork coastguard radio of this and that there where no other vessels in the area. Cork CG the stood down lifeboat and they proceeded back to Courtmacsherry. Refueled and ready for service at 08:35.

The Crew were Sean O'Farrell Coxswain, Stuart Russell Mechanic, 

Conditions at sea were light winds and generally calm conditions,

Saturday 11th November 2017

Just minutes prior to kick-off for the World cup qualifying match between Ireland Denmark, At 18:54 on Saturday the 11th of Nov Valentia CG activated pagers informing us that a 24m FV had steering failure 15 mile south of the Seven Heads. ALB launched at 19:05, arriving on scene at 19:43. A tow was established and the vessel was towed to Kinsale Harbour arriving at 22:50. ALB then made for Courtmacsherry and was re-fueled, On moorings and ready for service at 00:15 on the 12th of Nov. Conditions at sea tonight are misty force 3/4 winds with a strong swell.

The Crew of the Lifeboat were Coxswain Ken Cashman, Mechanic Stuart Russell and crew members Ciarán Hurley, Conor Dullea, Denis Murphy and Evan O Sullivan. Ardent Ireland supporters all!

Conditions at sea were misty force 3/4 winds with a strong swell.

Sun 10th September 2017. Yacht adrift.

All Weather Lifeboat was called  at 2.30 pm to go to the aid of a 40 foot yacht that had broken its mooring and was drifting ashore in Courtmacsherry Harbour. The Courtmacsherry Lifeboat under Coxswain Micheal O Donovan plus a crew of eleven volunteers launched both the All Weather Trent class Lifeboat and the inshore D Class Boat and immediately proceeded to go to the distress area as the yacht was entangled in another boat. Skillful manoeuvring of both Lifeboats over the next few minutes, allowed a tow line to be secured from the Lifeboat and the stricken yacht was pulled away from the shoreline and other boats moored in the vicinity. The operation was made more difficult by the strong northerly winds and the fact that the tide was at a low ebb, which restricted options for the ALB lifeboat. Having towed the yacht was clear of the danger of the shoreline and other boats, it needed both the ALB and the D class lifeboats to get the yacht into position where a proper mooring for the craft could be established. Once the boat was safely secured, both Lifeboats returned to Courtmacsherry Pontoon  to refuel before returning to the station ready for service.  

Crew Micheal O'Donovan Coxswain, Stuart Russell mechanic,Mark Gannon, Tadhg McCarthy,

Friday 24th -Saturday 25th August 2017

The pagers were activated at 1939hrs.  after Valentia Coastguard received a call that a car had entered the water  under the western side of the Old Head Kinsale and Old Head of Kinsale. The Coastguard helicopter, Kinsale RNLI inshore boat and Old Head Cliff Rescue were also were also tasked to the incident. The Lifeboat launched at 1941hrs. and was on scene at 2000hrs. Kinsale RNLI inshore boat and Old Head Cliff Rescue were also on the scene but unable to access the immediate site of the casualty. The XP boat on board the RNLB Fredrick Storey Cockburn was inflated and launched in order to access the casualty close to shore but were unable to actually see the casualty so there was little could be done but to identify the location with a grappling hook for further search and rescue. 

The station mechanic on board the (ALB1205) provided radio cover which included relay radio for all teams as communications were difficult adjacent the cliff. Kinsale ILB and the coastguard helicopter carried out a search of the area to make sure no person or personal debris could be located in the area. It was decided that nothing more could be done for the casualty at this time, however it might be possible to recover the casualty at low tide scheduled for 0230hrs. 

The crew re-assembled at 1245 and launched ALB 1205 at 0100hrs. The lifeboat arrived on scene at 0130. Kinsale ILB and the Old Head Cliff Rescue Team were also on scene but were unable to assist as the casualty lay in shallow water a little off shore where neither could access safely. The XP boat was again launched and was able to get to the casualty and grip the grapnel hook that had been laid earlier to locate the casualty.  After some time the crew managed to recover the casualty and transfer it to  Kinsale ILB which then returned to base. The Fredrick Storey Cockburn remained on scene to illuminate the cliff for the Old Head Cliff Rescue Team accent of the cliff. This was complete at 0422hrs and the lifeboat returned to Courtmacsherry, berthing at Courtmacsherry at 0455. The lifeboat refueled and was back at the moorings at 05.30hrs. 

The Crew of the lifeboat were Sean O'Farrell coxswain, Stuart Russell mechanic. Ken Cashman, Evan O'Sullivan, Dean Hennessy, 

 Conditions at sea were good with light winds, and slight swell. 

Wed 9th August 2017. Early morning Callout. 

The RNLI lifeboat Fredrick Storey Cockburn  was called out at 3.21 am this morning to go to the aid of a 40 foot Yacht that sought assistance 13 miles SE of the Galley Head. The causality with 10 persons on board was participating in the Fastnet Race and had become disabled with a broken mast. 

The Lifeboat under Coxswain Sean O Farrell plus a crew of seven volunteers launched immediately and in the pitch of darkness located the stricken yacht at 4.45am. Once on the scene, the Lifeboat successfully secured a towline to the yacht to stabilise the boat before beginning the tow to Courtmacsherry. 

All 10 crew of the racing yacht are reported to be good condition after their early morning trauma. The Lifeboat towed the yacht as far as the entrance to the harbour where the crew of the yacht decided to try to motor to Crosshaven where repairs could be carried out rather than proceed to the inner harbour. The Lifeboat returned to Courtmacsherry Harbour pontoon at 8.30 am  

Conditions at sea early this morning were fair with winds from the North West blowing force 3/4.

The Crew on board this callout are Coxswain Sean O Farrell, Mechanic Chris Guy and crew Ken Cashman, Ciaran Hurley, Dara Gannon, Denis Murphy, Kieran Boyle and Evin O Sullivan.

The racing yacht was participating in the Fastnet Race one of the worlds most famous races which goes from Cowes in the Isle of Wight, around the Fastnet Rock and back to Plymouth. The yacht was one of a whole fleet of yachts that approached the turn at the Fastnet Rock during the night. 


Tues. 1st August 2017. Seven Heads

The  RNLI All Weather Lifeboat was called out at 4.20pm this afternoon Tuesday to go to the aid of a 40 ft foot pleasure fishing boat with 6 people on board which sought assistance 15 miles off the Seven Heads coastline in West Cork. The causality had developed mechanical failure while fishing in the area and needed immediate assistance. 

The Courtmacsherry Lifeboat under Coxswain Kevin Young and a crew of six launched in minutes and reached the stricken boat just after 5pm. On scene, (near the site where the Lusitania sank in 1915) the Lifeboat secured a tow line to the vessel and then proceeded to tow it back to the safe haven of the Courtmacsherry inner harbour. All on board the casualty safely disembarked at the pontoon in Courtmacsherry on arrival.  The Lifeboat refueled & back on its  mooring in the harbour at 8pm. 

Conditions at sea today were reasonable with Winds in the area blowing force 3/4. 

The Crew on board today's callout were Coxswain Kevin Young, Mechanic Chris Guy and crew Ken Cashman, Ciaran Hurley, Geroid O Donovan, Mark John Gannon and Evin O Sullivan.

It has been a very busy 48 hours for the voluntary crew of the  Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Station with three call outs to boats in distress and all rescues carried out successfully. 

Sun. 30th July 2017.

The Courtmacsherry RNLI Lifeboat was called out at 11.25 am this morning Sunday to go to the immediate aid of a 14 foot Pleasure boat off Harbour View in Courtmacsherry Bay. The alert was raised from the shore as the boat was seen to have got into difficulties and was being blown by strong winds towards the coast line. 

The Courtmacsherry Lifeboat under Coxswain Ken Cashman and a crew of eight launched both the Trent Class Lifeboat and the Stations Inshore boat and reached the stricken causality within 15 minutes. The pleasure boat, with four persons on board had encountered engine problems and the prevailing winds was putting it in immediate danger. On scene, the Lifeboat assessed the difficulties with the causality and secured a tow line to the stricken vessel and then proceeded to tow the boat away from the shoreline and subsequently brought it back to the safe haven of the Courtmacsherry inner harbour. All 4 crew of the Pleasure boat have now docked at the Courtmacsherry Pontoon and the Lifeboat has now refuelled and restocked in readiness of whenever the next Callout may occur. Conditions at sea today were blustery with Winds in the area blowing force 5/6.

The Crew on board today's callout were Coxswain Ken Cashman with the All Weather Trent Boat crew of Chris Guy, Dara Gannon, Ciarán Hurley, Denis Murphy and Evan O Sullivan. The stations inshore boat was Helmed by Kevin Young and Mark John Gannon.